09 November 2012

Gratuitous Cat Picture Friday (9): The Story of Chaucer and the Lamp

Chaucer loves to bake himself under my desk lamp.  It is his special heat source, like that of a heat lamp in a baby chicken pen.

Observe:  I was getting set to do some work at my desk.  Chaucer wormed his way onto the desk and declared his intentions of getting in the way.

And then he plopped down under the lamp....which typed about a 1000 '~' on my email.

So I moved the laptop over and Chaucer just spread out.

And then he laid on the computer keyboard again and got scolded.

I don't think he cared.

But he decided to let me apologize by giving him a tummy rub.


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    That photo of Chaucer (4th one down) where he is just looking straight at the camera made me laugh out loud!! I have cats as well and they have great expressions so good job catching that on lens! :-)

  2. Thanks. That's Chaucer's "God, mom, keep your wig on" expression. He does it alot, lol.