12 June 2012

Venetia: a mini-review (and audiobook)

So, I have a thing for Richard Armitage.  The man if flippin' gorgeous, oh. my. god.  He has these eyes and this really direct gaze and his voice.... *yowza*

(sorry, puddles on the floor don't have fingers to type, hang on)

Venetia was recommended to me as a great Georgette Heyer read.  Then I noticed this little audiobook in the catalogue read by Richard Armitage.  Even though this was an abridgement I couldn't pass it up.  Richard Freakin' Armitage.

It was a really good abridgement because there didn't seem to be any missing chunks of plot.  Armitage has a great voice, expecially in his "Damerel/Rake" voice, mrrgrrrrmmm....  His ladies' voices weren't too bad, either, although sometimes they may have been unintentionally funny.

Loved the character of Aubrey - just a perfect, self-centered little brother.

I did some checking and it doesn't seem like this has been adapted for television/movies.  Someone get one that - Heyer is pretty dialogue heavy so easily adapted.  Then you can cast Richard Armitage as Damerel for everyone to enjoy. 

I have the audiobook of Sylvester as well - also narrated by Armitage.  I can hardly wait.

(I am torn over Armitage's casting in The Hobbit - he's in The Hobbit (yay!) but he's playing a dwarf (so covered in SFX make-up/hair) but it's Thorin (yay!).)

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