21 January 2012

Beauty and the Beast: 3D!!!!!

As I've said elsewhere, on various platforms, Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies.  Maybe because of the Ashman/Menken score, maybe because it's my favorite fairytale.  So when Disney put B&B back in theatres, I merrily went off to the movie theatre with Jackie and Mediazombie.

It was in 3D.  I didn't really care - I'd have gone if it were plain, old 2D - but it was good in some sections.  The "Be Our Guest" sequence did have some nice 3D effects, as well as "Kill the Beast."  Obvious new smoke effects stood out.  I was glad that Disney didn't recut the movie to insert any new sequences.  They could have - "Human Again" was originally written for the movie, taken out, used in the Broadway musical, then fully animated for the DVD release - but it was nice to watch the movie just like I did the first time.

Idea for marketing:  Sing-along showtimes?  We all commented that we wanted to sing all the songs.

Preview goodness:
1. The Pirates! Band of Misfits - completely dense, unfunny-looking ClayMation children's movie (and apparently changed now that some groups took offense to a leprosy joke - needless to say, the Wallace-and-Gromit crowd aren't old enough to know what leprosy is)
2. The Lorax - wan't my favorite Seuss book but nice to hear Danny DeVito again
3. Star Wars - fail
4. Brave - looks like so much fun, complete with Scots accents (and Billy Connolly!!  Kevin McKidd!!  Emma Thompson!!!  Kelly MacDonald!!); WANT to see this
5. Finding Nemo 3D - awww, cute!

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  1. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites too.