28 December 2011

Geek Girls Unite: Mini-review

Saw this on the non-fiction new paperback table at work and I was like, "My people, yes, we must unite!!"

And then I read it...this is not a uniting-type of book.  Should have read the reviews first.

I'm feeling a combination of "meh" and "I feel trivialized by the very book that is supposed to celebrate my peeps".  I did NOT appreciate the snarkiness of the quizzes and frenemies sections (and, for a book that asks in the introduction that we all be more accepting of one another, it gets pretty mean at times).  The chapters were really repetitive and this felt less like a celebration of geek-girl culture and more like a humorous attempt to put us into neat little boxes.  It has excellent lists of websites, books, and movies (although some did start to feel condescending at times) but loses over the annoying footnotes.

Still not sure how we will take over the world. That part wasn't very clear.

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