13 August 2011

DNF: Three Seconds

After slogging through about 100 pages of this as an ARC for BNBC's First Look program, I put it down.  Everytime I look at this book, it makes me heave a sigh of resigned "I really must finish this" sentiment.

Sadly, I have no desire to finish this - no sympathy for any of the characters, no identification, and I think the undercover-prisoner-drug-smuggler plot is far too nuts for my to follow.  I have so many books to read that I have to let this one go because the thought of reading it no longer brings my joy.  Just drudgery.

And that isn't very fun when I have shelves and shelves of books I would rather be reading.

1 comment:

  1. Though I very rarely truly abandon books, I've forced myself recently to realize that some books just don't click and that there's no point in forcing down bad ones. If the book isn't worth it, it's legit to ditch it. Like you say, there are so many other books worth reading... I'm slowly learning that.