10 April 2011

On Chesil Beach

This is probably one of the shortest reviews I've ever done for a book I finished.

My friend Kat had an old ARC of On Chesil Beach she had read and didn't want any more.  I had read middling reviews but liked Ian McEwan's style so I said I'd take it.  This is a short book.  Not much happens.  An early 1960s pair of British newlyweds have some serious teenage-level misunderstandings on their wedding night.  They say some nasty things to one another after attempting (unsuccessfully) to have sex.  They Have An Argument (capitals intended).  Leading up to the Argument, we get flashbacks as each thinks back over growing up, meeting each other, and courting. 

The writing is nice and I like McEwan's way of putting words together (I loved Atonement, kept me up on Christmas night to finish).  But, I don't get the story in On Chesil Beach (maybe I don't get the characters).  Is there a story?

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