17 December 2010

Gratuitous cat picture Friday!

Because I just downloaded more pictures from my camera!

 My Dante kitty.
My Chaucer kitty - who obviously is having his nap interrupted.
 Jeez, mom - go away.  I wants to sleeeeeeep.  I don't want tummy rubs.
But you can pet me!!  I wants tummy rubs!

Seriously, mom, I'm not kidding.  I just want to take a nap under the nice, warm electric blankie!  Put the camera away.


  1. Sooooooo cute! Now that I am on winter break from school, I plan on spending LOTS of time curled up with my three kit-kats and some good books. In fact, my Poe kitty is helping me with this comment at this very moment (although he believes he is much cuter than your kitties) LOL!

  2. All kitties think they are the cutest things ever :)

  3. Loved your pics!! xD wonderful kitties you have!