20 June 2010

I've been KIP-ing all week

On Sunday I KIP'd at church for Alexis's baptism:

Hi, baby!

And then I KIP'd at my parents' house for a bit:

The twins were completely uninterested in my knitting - they were busy sending Cookie Monster into outer space.

 The rest of the week I KIP'd on the bus - I got plenty of knitting time, too, thanks to the weather.  On Tuesday the bus got stuck in traffic (approximately a 45 minute delay) caused by flash flooding:

The driver of the small blue car (near the center - in the middle of the puddle) tried to do exactly what you're not supposed to do when there's water over the roadway...he or she got the car stalled when they tried to drive through the water.  So not only did the police have to re-route traffic through the shallow part of the flooding they also had to have the blue car towed away.

Then we had a few road obstacles on Thursday:

That's a very large tree blocking 23rd Ave; the bus had to turn around and go back.  We had a ton of downed trees due to straight-line winds estimated at 70-80 mph - yikes!
I must have looked like the most unperturbed person in the world, knitting away on my shawl while everyone freaked out.  However, a few words of wisdom: never interrupt a knitter when she's counting.

The net result of WWKIP is that I'm started on the third repeat of the first chart:

The shawl will get much wider faster than it will length-wise so I switched from a 24" circular to a 40" circular.  This is the easy part of the "Icarus" pattern, very easily memorized.  The "feather" portion on charts 2, 3, and 4 will be far more complicated and with longer rows.

Chaucer is doing a very good job of "helping" me take a picture!

I have a large backlog of book reviews to finish - they might have backdates (sorry) since I'm that far behind.  But I am still reading - I didn't just KIP all week.


  1. Crazy weather. Happy reading and knitting

  2. @Cleverly Inked - this is what an Iowa summer is like; you just can't tell from the pictures that it's also miserably hot :D