12 April 2009

Frogs, frogs, frogs

Bollocks again.

I can't count - I thought 6 sets of 10 + 6 more stitches = 76.

Wrong. I get the fail whale for this poncho.

Unfortunately, I only realised this after I got the 3.5 inches of collar knitted up in rib, chased the cats out of the knitting bag three times, and tried to add the three new stitch markers that I found out I was 10 stitches short. No wonder it wouldn't really fit over my niece's head (she's three, so I figured if it fit her head it would fit a younger child).

I've now ripped the entire thing out, much to the amusements of the cats because I've done exactly what I yelled at them for (ripping out stitches), and I'm pretty sure I've got 76 stitches casted on now. I counted twice, saw there were only 66 (again) and added 10 more.

I think this poncho hates me.

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