07 November 2008

It's Friday - what should I write about?

Let me see....

I had to make an appearance on a conference call for the boss and was reminded once again that her vacation schedule is really unique (apparently, no other PIs go for a month's vacation). On the plus side, the call was really short because we're T-minus 12 weeks until we stop enrollment at our site. Minus side: I knit while on conference calls so I only got two rows done.

Glenn, our IT wizard/general lifesaver, installed a second monitor on my computer. Now I can have two windows up at once! Ahhhh, ease at data-entry. Unfortunately, this does not make the tedium of data-entry any less boring.

It is currently snowing, or at least there is minimal precipitation that looks a bit like snow. Tranlsation: everyone will drive like it's 75F and sunny then get into a car accident.

I was thwarted in my attempt to get Dance Gala tickets for the performance tonight. This was due to two things. First, the summer flood has pretty much ruined Hancher's use as a performance venue for about 18 months so the performances were increased to six (from two) to make up for the difference in number of seats in the Space/Place venue but it falls short of the usual number of available tickets. Second, I called the IMU Box Office several times every day last week in an attempt to reserve tickets - all I ever got was the outgoing message even though I called a different times of the day during their posted business hours. Today I called and spoke to a "real person" - alas, no tickets left. This is obviously good for the Dance Department (merde, guys) but bad for me. I guess I'll have to wait to see if the Big Ten Network will air a tape of the performance.

I am tired and grumpy because I had to stay an hour late at work putting up new displays. This was compounded by having to watch the new employees, who pretty much lack any self-motivation AT ALL, screw up. Is it really neccessary that I have to tell someone who is legally considered an adult to go do the job he is currently being paid to do instead of stand around like a waste of space? The store looked like crap because none of them actually picked up anything. Bonus: the new guy covering my information shift (because I was assigned to set up holiday displays) demonstrated that he was a stupid git by not understanding what a customer was asking for; the customer, who spoke with a slight Arabic accent and happens to be one of our nicer customers, was looking for three books, all of which are very popular - after listening to said git ask four times how to spell Zakaria I just went and got all three books for the customer and glared at said git (said git is also rumored to have cried on his first day because he was late - if he continues to jack around I'll give him something to cry about).

And finally, due to HIPPA constraints, I cannot tell you about the surgical case that had me in stitches (pun) while I was doing surveillance. I will only say that someone is eligible for an honorary Darwin Award.

Current book-in-progress: The Post-American World and The Shock Doctrine
Current knitted item: The yellow secret item is not done because I made another mistake; I think the yellow yarn hates me because the blue secret item only took me a day to knit.
Current movie obsession: This is probably sacrilege but the only things I'm finding funny about Clerks anymore are Jay and Silent Bob (even though Jay needs to be kicked in the balls) and the opening sequence with the sheet, shoe polish, and newspaper stealing. Dammit, I grew up.
Current iTunes loop: One Night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz Remix)

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  1. Cried because he was late? Oh my. I can not wait to come home and work over Christmas. This is going to be AWESOME!