17 May 2008

Things that go "bump" in the ravine

So last night I was watching movies, minding my own business as usual, when a police siren goes off on the highway behind me. This is not uncommon because people tend to speed and so the cops have a field day. What made last night strange is that after about five minutes there were more sirens and then six more police cars pulled off on the side of the highway. There were flashlight beams all over the ravine between my parking lot and the highway. Shouting (couldn't hear what).

Then I heard rustling and thumping coming from the area of the ravne behind the dumpster. The flashlight beams all headed my way. I was thinking the local racoon population was out and about again.

Nope. It was a guy who, I gathered, decided to run from the cops during a traffic stop. I could hear them all swearing at each other by this point. The cops dragged him up my side of the ravine where they were met by a squad car. Turns out the guy didn't want to go back to prison on a parole violation. So he ran. Doofus.

Current book-in-progress: I'm primarily working on The Shakespeare Wars and The Black City.
Current knitted item: Gray neckwarmer, two buttonholes down
Current movie obsession: Finished Becoming Jane, it grew on me (loved the ending), but I still don't like Anne Hathaway as Jane (I just didn't like her in that role, it doesn't matter whether she did her senior thesis on Jane Austen or not); also watched X-Men 3 and I swear there were more questions than answers (loved Ellen Page as Kitty)
Current iTunes loop: Portable Professor "God, Monsters, and Heroes"

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