24 March 2008

Deep thought for the day

If you are up shit creek, is it necessary to kill your entire family?

Granted, the autopsy will tell whether or not the father is the charred body in the family's van but if that's not the father and if the evidence doesn't point toward him as the murderer of his wife and four children I will be very, VERY surprised.

I don't particularly care if your life has totally gone to pot, that you've been indicted for embezzling half a million dollars from the bank (of which you are the vice-president), that you're probably going to jail because you admitted to the police that part of that money went toward a serious coke habit. I really don't. If you want to skip out on the charges and kill yourself, be my guest. Just don't take anyone else with you.

Here's a little prayer hoping that the children's deaths were quick and that they didn't realize what was going on.

Current book-in-progress: Beloved (for LbW BNBC April), Then We Came to the End (gotta support the Iowa alum), Birdsong (for our in-store group), Villette (also for BNBC April, just not my group), and whatever else I find
Current knitted item: My first commission - a tan neck warmer for a co-worker's partner
Current movie obsession: I just finished Once - a great little movie, very moving and sweet, I might like the music better (the soundtrack is on order)
Current iTunes loop: It's a tie - Sarah Barreilles's Little Voice and the original cast recording of Rent

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