12 November 2007

My book FINALLY arrived

So after waiting for a month past the original publication date, the one-volume edition of Tom Stoppard's Coast of Utopia finally arrived (most closely follows the New York production since Stoppard did some editing in the intervening four years). I also bought Angels in America, which was huge during my senior year of high school thanks to my friend Nick Terpollilli but I don't think I understood it at that time. I debated buying W;t, which is a simple but profound play; however, the little book is only 1/4 the size of the Stoppard and the Kushner but costs exactly the same so I will wait until later.

I do have to confess that I'm not much of a play reader. I have trouble visualizing what is going on because I feel that I lack direction. Good thing I'm not an actor by profession.

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