04 August 2007

Another year gone

A little older, maybe a little wiser, who knows.

I bought more yarn. Hahaha. Ediye sent an email for $10 off my purchase during my birthday week. I don't think I need to explain how quickly that $10 got used up. I got yarn for my next project from Fitted Knits (U-neck tank), got some Noro Silk to remake the Sunflower Tam (dratted cats), and I found some really pretty blue-green/white varietaged yarn to make "Calorimetry" from knitty.com.

Oh, and I bought some books. Duh. I even finished some books, too. Go me. I finished Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower. Really interesting. I think it's be neat if they published a new edition with addenda after the essays. Also finished Wuthering Heights - again. That's for the BNBC group; now I just have to decide what threads to put up.

Current book-in-progress: Requiem for a Dream - I must have a thing for books about damaged people right now; I would also like to start Neil Gaiman's Stardust but I think I should try to polish off many of my unfinished items.
Current knitted item: Tank from Fitted Knits; I would really like to get the Eeyores done but the making up is giving me fits (he's got a pointy butt - what's that about??)

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