06 February 2007

Back to the shawl

I finished Rebekah's (well, baby Amir's) booties and even added a hat. Camera=no batteries so I didn't have time to take a picture before they went into the box for the shower. Maybe I'll get a picture of Amir wearing his hat (I love the hat, it turned out well, the booties turned out some odd size better suited for a one year old.) So I'm back to the shawl since I don't have money for more yarn meaning I can't buy enough for the nieces' smocks and britches. I do have the hat yarn....hmmm...and hats are fast. Yummy. And it's friggin' freezing in this part of the world (it was -1 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday!) so it's not like the girls will never wear them.

Finished the dos Passos - apparently we were really only supposed to read about half the book. I finished it, oops, but that means I can read ahead currently and leave me more time for the Faulkner. Manhattan Transfer really is such an interesting novel - I would say it should be taught in high schools as a good introduction to modernism (since dos Passos has some passages that are very modern in style, but he really doesn't seem to want to commit to making the entire novel in that style and keeps a realist angle throughout), but most high school English teachers suck at teaching novels and that would make the students hate a perfectly good book. There are so many passages that are like watching a cinematic collage. Wonderful.

So I'm reading Hemingway for fun. Not any of his novels (not quite sure I'm ready for that much of a commitment), but his short stories which, incidentally, are the American Classics read for Barnes and Noble Book Clubs.

Current book-in-progress: The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway (the Finca Vigia Edition) - I'm starting with "Big Two-hearted River (I and II)" and "A Clean, Well-lighted Place"
Current knitted item: Back to the shawl. I will finish that thing if it kills me.

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