07 October 2006

Growing 8 stitches per row...

My shawl, which is sooooo pretty, is taking about 20-30 minutes per row since it grows by eight stitches per row. There are now about (140 x 4) + (6 x 2) stitches and I'm on Row 120. The patterned part of the shawl continues until Row 160 and then there is a 12 row garter stitch border. Just think how many stitches that will be. Eeep.

But I also bought more yarn (huzzah for more yarn!). Enough to finish two Christmas stockings for the neices (found some really cool "hairy" yarn for Santa's beard). And since I couldn't leave without something for myself, I bought three skeins of Noro Kureyon in color 164 (green/gold/cream/aqua combo) to make the Sunflower Tam from the book Knitting Nature. Pretty!

Current book-in-progress: Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale. And some poetry by the Earl of Rochester for a paper (due in 10 days). And Les Liaisons Dangereuses....
Current knitted item: Working on the shawl. Need to cast-on for the stockings. And I'm itching to start the hat.

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