12 September 2012

BBAW 2012 Day 3: Blogging means to me....

Wednesday's prompt is very open-ended.  Amy asked:  What does book blogging mean to you?

Essentially, it means I can share my occasionally-articulate-but-sometimes-not opinions with a community of booklovers. 

We may not all have the same opinion.  We may not all have the same taste or genre preferences.  Some of us have a well-defined niche.  Some of us just read whatever we can get our hands on (*raises hand*).

But we all love to read and tell each other what we liked or found or dug out of the 50¢ bin at a yard sale and are fangirling (or boy-ing, depending on gender) about all over the Internetz.

And, from where I sit in the peanut gallery, the come-as-you-are mentality is wonderfully refreshing and inviting.

There's only one rule:  Don't be a jerk.

And if you are a jerk, beware: we book bloggers have sharp pitchforks lightning-fast response times.

Chaucer sez - yoo likes dis 'pooter too much, kitteh needs skritches!


  1. Don't be a jerk is such a simple rule! But apparently hard to follow sometimes. :p

    1. Yeah, but we can always hope and try!