31 July 2009

My first reading challenge: Banned Books

There's a first time for everything. I usually don't consider doing challenges; the subject might not be something I'm interested in and I have so many books to read (and am so mercurial in my reading habits) that it gets hard to work in a challenge.

I jumped at this one: BiblioBrat is hosting a Banned Books Challenge during the month of September. This challenge is really simple: read at least one book that has been challenged/banned (for a list you can visit the UCSD page or the ALA). Read at least one book that has been challenged/banned.....I can do that! And I get to flaunt my "I read banned books" buttons! Challenging books makes me grumpy so I'm all for a challenge that highlights infringements on the individual's right to the Freedom to Read.

I've decided to read two books. I've never actually read The Satanic Verses so that will be book Numero Uno. I also have Mailer's The Naked and the Dead in my to-read pile so I'll read that, too. Since I'm still only half done with American Psycho, if I polish that off in September then that would make three.

Who's with me on this challenge?


  1. I checked out a small list of these books - I have read so many of them already that choosing one I haven't read will be tough. My daughter read several of them during the last two years for HS - some of those I haven't read. I will need to check her supply and see ... I can read at least one!

  2. When you finish with American Psycho and if you don't hate it, you should really watch the movie. I'm not sure what it says about me as a person but it's one of my favorite movies.

  3. Thanks for posting a link to that list, I have added a large number of these, some I have already read as previously commented on, but some I fully intend to reread, something about them having been banned has stirred up the perverse need in me to flout the narrow minded people.